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Apple Pay Betting Sites

Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method by an increasing number of betting sites. Established in 2014, Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular around the world.

The mobile payment service from Apple allows users to make secure payments via any Apple device, either in shops, apps, or online. It’s as easy to use as a physical card, and as a result, Apple Pay is now a popular payment method at online bookmakers.

Apple Pay betting sites are found in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, and beyond. Using Apple Pay provides you with a quick and secure way of depositing funds into your betting account, and we expect to see even more Apple Pay bookmakers in the coming months.

Best Apple Pay Betting Sites

Online bookmakers have no excuse these days when it comes to offering a wide range of payment methods. Traditional payment options such as credit and debit cards remain popular with punters, but many are wanting more options, including e-Wallets and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

As the use of smartphones continues to rise around the world, it is no surprise to see punters wanting more bookmakers to accept Apple Pay and other similar payment services.

If you’re already familiar with Apple Pay for making payments, you likely already know how quick and easy it is to use, so it will be no great surprise to learn that Apple Pay is now accepted at a number of betting sites.

Apple Pay is accepted around the world and the lists on this page can quickly be tailored to show you the betting sites available in your country, and the bookmakers accepting Apple Pay (as well as many other payment methods).

Apple Pay is widely accepted as a payment option throughout Europe, as well as in the following countries at time of writing: Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Kazakhstan, Macao, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

If Apple Pay betting sites in your country are hard to find, then don’t worry as we’ve got guides to all the payment methods available at online bookmakers where you live – providing online betting is legal in your country – from G Pay to the likes of PayPal and Neteller.

It’s not just the established, well-known bookmakers accepting Apple Pay. A number of up and coming new betting sites that have recently opened for business also accept this payment method, and the lists on this page will grow as bookies continue to add Apple Pay to their payment options, so be sure to check back regularly!

How to use Apple Pay for online betting

It is quick and easy to use Apple Pay at online bookmakers. You can use the payment service for deposits and withdrawals to and from your betting accounts, plus you can also use Apple Pay to send and receive money in the Messages app on your device with the add-on service, Apple Cash.

Using Apple Pay with a betting site is very straightforward. Providing you have an eligible Apple device running on the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or macOS, you can start using Apple Pay as soon as you add your credit, debit, or prepaid card to your Wallet. Once you’ve linked a payment method to your new Apple Pay account, you can then use it with your betting account in the same way as you would use a debit or credit card.

Although Apple Pay is available in a number of countries around the world, there are some restrictions. If the service is unavailable in your country, you’ll be made aware of this when attempting to open an account via your device.

Once you’ve created your account and linked it to a payment method, using Apple Pay at a betting site is a very simple process.

How to Deposit via Apple Pay

Making a deposit with Apple Pay at an online betting site is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your bookmaker account.
  2. Go to the deposit page and select Apple Pay as your preferred payment method.
  3. Next, enter the amount of money you would like to deposit.
  4. At this stage, you will be asked to authenticate the transfer of funds on your Apple device, which will only recognise your fingerprint or that of another authorised individual.

You’re done! The money transferred should now be available in your betting account, and you’ll receive notification of a successful payment made to the bookmaker in question as well as an email invoice from Apple.

When it comes to withdrawals, at time of writing you may find that winnings from an Apple Pay bookmaker need to be withdrawn to a different payment method, such as your bank account.

Which betting sites accept Apple Pay?

Given how quick and secure it is as a payment method, it is no surprise to see the most of the best betting sites now accepting Apple Pay.

With quick transfers and low fees, it is the preferred payment option for thousands and thousands of bettors throughout Europe and around the world.

If you live in the United Kingdom or in one of a number of European countries, you’ll find a number of Apple Pay betting sites available to you.

Bookmakers accepting Apple Pay include:
  • bet365
  • BetVictor
  • LeoVegas
  • Paddy Power

Our comparison tables provide you with an easy guide to looking up the Apple Pay betting sites in your country. If no bookmakers in your country accept Apple Pay, then our guides will help you to see the payment methods that are available at betting websites where you live.

Apple Pay Free Bets

Regardless of where you are in the world, the majority of online bookmakers offer some form of bonus or free bets – especially if you’re looking to sign up as a new customer.

Online betting sites usually attach some terms and conditions to their welcome offers, and one of these may be the payment method you select when joining them. If you’re looking for an Apple Pay betting site, you may find that some kind of bonus is on offer if you’re making your first deposit with a particular operator using the service.

Lots of betting sites have free bets for those who are wanting to use Apple Pay. As part of the registration process when signing up with an online bookmaker, you may find that you need to enter a special promo in order to claim your free bet.

If you need an Apple Pay promotion code to claim any free bets, we’ll tell you about that code on this page. Our comparison tables are easy to use and highlight the online betting sites offering free bets in your country when you deposit using the Apple service.

We’ll also tell you about which Apple Pay betting sites have special offers for both new and existing customers in the form of free bets, money back specials, enhanced odds, and more. Our bookmaker specials page is updated daily and has all the information on the latest special betting offers from the best online betting sites!

History of Apple Pay

First released in late 2014, Apple Pay allows users to make payments via an Apple device – either in person, online, or via iOS apps. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac, you can use Apple Pay.

Originally launching in the United States, Apple Pay is available in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, as well as in Australia, Brazil, China, Canada and many other countries around the world.
The service does not require Apple Pay-specific contactless payment terminals, and works with any merchant that accepts contactless payments, leading to a number of Apple Pay betting sites available for punters around the world.

Apple Pay is extremely secure and uses two-factor authentication - via Touch ID, Face ID, PIN, or passcode.

Apple Pay BettingFAQS

Which bookmakers accept Apple Pay?

The lists on this page should you the betting sites accepting Apple Pay in your country.
Apple Pay bookmakers include:
Paddy Power

Why should I use Apple Pay for betting?

Using a betting site accepting Apple Pay brings a number advantages. As well as being secure for depositing funds with a bookmaker, as you’ve already got Apple Pay on your iOS device, it is extremely quick for mobile betting. Simply choose Apple Pay as the payment option in the cashier, choose the amount you wish to deposit, confirm with your fingerprint on your Apple device, and start to place your bets.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Apple Pay is an extremely secure way to make payments. Card numbers from your credit or debit cards are not stored on your Apple device, and are never shared by Apple. Instead, when you use Apple Pay, you receive a unique Device Account Number that is encrypted and stored in a secure part of your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Do all betting sites accept Apple Pay?

Not all bookmakers accept Apple Pay, but a growing number of them do. There are some restrictions depending on where you live as Apple Pay is not yet available in every country.
The comparison tables at can be used to show you which betting sites accept Apple Pay, and also which other payment methods are available at online bookmakers in your country.

Can I claim free bets when I use Apple Pay?

Some online bookmakers require you to use a particular deposit method in order to get a free bet, but generally if a betting site accepts Apple Pay, you can use it to claim free bets.