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Online since 1999, Neteller has become one of the most popular payment options for customers of online bookmakers around the world. An e-money transfer service similar to PayPal, you can use Neteller for making online purchases and payments across a range of industries, and you can use it to transfer funds to and from your bank account.

The service is today one of the most popular payment methods for customers using online betting sites, and on this page we’ve got all the information you need on linking Neteller to your betting account, as well as details about how to best use Neteller with an online bookmaker.
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Best Neteller Betting Sites

The best betting sites will – or at least should – offer a wide range of payment options, and given the popularity of Neteller these days, it’s no surprise to see this particular e-wallet available as a payment method at some of the top UK betting sites, as well as at online bookmakers elsewhere in the world.

One of our favourite betting sites is bet365, who have arguably the best live streaming service in the industry, as well as great sports betting options. They offer multiple options when it comes to depositing funds, and Neteller is one of those options available some of its customers (the majority of online betting sites have some restrictions on payment methods depending on which country you live in).

If you have already used Neteller to make an online payment, you likely already know how quick and efficient it is, so it’s no surprise to see the top betting sites processing withdrawal requests in no time at all when you’re using this e-wallet.

Neteller is widely accepted as a payment option. It is available in a number of regulated online betting markets around the world, and over 200 countries accept Neteller at time of writing.

Our guides to the best betting sites run alongside our bookmaker reviews, which provide you with a thorough examination of online bookmakers available in your country.

We look at a number of areas when it comes to selecting the best Neteller betting sites, and we advise that you read our bookie reviews and guides in full to understand how we reach our decision when it comes to giving each betting site a star rating.

Our comparison tables show you exactly which bookies accept Neteller in your country, and provide information on processing times as well. Some betting sites (such as bet365) offer speedy withdrawals - sometimes your money will be with you in a matter of minutes. But if you’re a bookmaker who claims it takes five days to process a withdrawal then you need to shape up - punters want fast withdrawals!
Neteller offer a total of 27 account currencies, and using our comparison tables, you can cross-reference to find out which currency you can use at betting sites in your country.

If Neteller is not an option in your country, then fear not, as we’ve got guides to all the payment methods available at online bookmakers in your jurisdiction!

The best betting sites will often launch special offers for new and existing customers in the form of enhanced odds, free bets, or money back specials. From time to time, some of these special offers may come with certain terms and conditions attached to them. To claim some of these free bet and specials offers, betting sites may request that you deposit using a particular payment method, which may include Neteller. To keep on top of the latest betting offers, our bookie specials page has all the information on today’s special betting offers from the best online bookmakers, with the page updated daily!

How to use Neteller for online betting

Neteller is one of the world’s largest e-money transfer services and provides punters with an extremely convenient payment method to use at online betting sites.

Not only can you use Neteller to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your betting accounts, but you can also use the service to make a swift transfer of money to other Neteller account holders as well.
Using Neteller with a betting website is easy. Firstly, you need to open an account on the Neteller website. This is free to do. Once you’ve created your Neteller account, providing the company with a few details to verify who you are (such as your name, address etc.), you’ll then have to link it to a payment method.

You can link your Neteller account to one or more methods of payment. Depending on where you are in the world, you can use a MasterCard or Visa card (credit and/or debits cards can be used), a Maestro card, paysafecard, Skrill (not available in Canada or the United States at time of writing) or wire transfer.
In addition, if you’re in the United Kingdom or selected European countries, you can use internet banking with Neteller, and as noted further up the page, at time of writing the e-money service is available in 27 different currencies.

Once you’ve linked a payment method to your new Neteller account, you’re then free to use it for online betting in much the same way as you would a debit or credit card, both for depositing funds with an online bookmaker and for withdrawals.

Although Neteller is available in the majority of countries, there are some restrictions. If the service is unavailable in your country, you’ll be made aware of this when attempting to open an account.
Once you’ve created your account and linked it to a payment method, using Neteller with an online bookmaker is a very simple process.

How to Deposit via Neteller

Neteller Deposit
Deposit with Neteller into your bookie account.
Making a deposit to a betting site using Neteller is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your bookmaker account.
  2. Go to the deposit page and select Neteller as your preferred payment option.
  3. Next, enter the amount you would like to deposit.
  4. You will then be asked to log in to your Neteller account in order to authorise the payment (at this point, if you don't yet have an Neteller account, you can create one at this stage from the same page).

That's it! Your funds should now be showing in your betting account.

The withdrawal process is very similar if you're looking to withdraw any winnings. Providing you have logged in to your bookmaker account, it is just a matter of choosing Neteller as your preferred payment method for withdrawals. Once you have done that, enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click to confirm.

Which betting sites accept Neteller?

A large number of betting sites now accept Neteller as a payment method for depositing and withdrawing your money. The payment method is widely available around the world, although there are some restrictions based on your location, and also based on the currency you are wanting to deposit in.
Our comparison tables provide you with an easy guide to looking up the betting sites accepting Neteller in your country. If none are available, then our guides will show you which payment methods are available with online bookmakers where you live.

There are several advantages to using a betting site which accepts Neteller as a payment option, including:
  • High limits (Neteller is generous with its deposit and withdrawal limits compared to some other e-wallets out there).
  • High levels of security (Neteller uses a 2-way authentication process for additional security).
  • Minimal withdrawal fees and deposits that are free of charge (fees may vary depending on location and payment method linked to your Neteller account).

Reviews for best Neteller Bookmakers

bet365 Neteller Review

We are a small team of casino enthusiasts and because we are not owned by a large company, we can actually tell you what we really think of a casino.

Paddy Power Neteller Review

Paddy Power reviewed here.

Neteller Free Bets

The majority of online betting sites have free bets available – the majority being in the form of new customer offers. These welcome offers often come with terms and conditions attached, and the payment method you use may be one of these. It may be that some betting sites may not allow you to claim a welcome bonus if you are making your first deposit using Neteller.

There are plenty of online bookmakers offering free bets for those wanting to use Neteller, however, and it may be that you are required to use a special promotion code in order to claim your free bet.
In the United Kingdom, for example, many of the Top UK betting sites have attractive free bet offers for new customers. Only a fraction, however, can be claimed if you’re making your first deposit using Neteller.

Simply put, you shouldn’t assume all bookmakers in your country accept Neteller as a payment method – especially if you want a free bet. Some do. Some don’t. Our comparison tables are easy to use and highlight the betting sites where you can claim free bets in your country and deposit using Neteller.

Neteller Promo Codes

Some online bookmakers give you the opportunity to use a promo code when you join them. A betting site promotion code is also known as a promo code and this is usually used in connection with a free bet offer of some sort.

Other names that online bookies may give to their headline offers include bonus code, deposit code, voucher code or coupon code.

There are variations on what the promo code specifically entitles you to, depending on which bookie you’re trying to register with, but as a rule, a betting site promo code is a special code, designed to give you additional bonus funds to bet with when you join a new betting site.

Some promo codes only work with particular deposit methods, so if you’re looking for a free bet or special offer linked to depositing with Neteller, our comparison tables can help you find betting sites in your country which accept this (and other) payment methods.

Types of free bets you can claim using a Neteller promo code may include:

Matched Deposit - A matched deposit free bet usually works with a betting site matching the amount of your first deposit with a free bet (or bets) of the same value. If you see this type of offer, please note that the betting site you are looking to join may require you to use a promotion code when registering in order to claim, so be sure to double check before making your deposit (if a code is required, we’ll tell you about it).

Matched Bet Offer – Similar to the matched deposit offer, a matched free bet offer usually results in you getting a free bet from a bookmaker once you have placed your first bet (known as the ‘qualifying bet’) after opening a new account. Again, this may require a promo code, and you should double check that you can deposit with Neteller to claim.

Risk Free Bets – A risk-free bet allows you to place a real money bet knowing that should it lose, you will receive your stake back as a free bet. If your bet wins, you’ll receive your winnings as you’d expect. If the bet loses, you’ll receive the value of your bet (your stake) as a free bet. Again, bookmakers may require a promo code when making your first deposit in order to qualify, so be sure to check using our comparison tables, and also double check that Neteller is allowed as a payment method when trying to qualify for such an offer.

You can go here to see a list of all the promotion codes we have secured with online bookmakers.

History of Neteller

Neteller is an e-money transfer service which has been around since 1999. Together with Skrill, it is part of the Paysafe Group, with corporate headquarters located in London and numerous offices across Europe and North America.

In its early days, Neteller processed payments for 85% of the world's gambling merchant, and over 90% of the firm's revenue at the time was linked to transfers to online gaming firms.

Many users in the early days were residents of the United States, and Neteller looked to move away from the US, restricting accounts of users in the country before making an enforced exit from the American market in 2007.

Top 5 Neteller Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. Paddy Power
  3. Ladbrokes
  4. Betwinner
  5. Novibet

Neteller Betting Countries

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada

Neteller Betting FAQs

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an e-wallet that allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds online. Neteller provides fast payments to bookmakers and can be used to withdraw winnings from betting sites.
You can also use Neteller to make instant cash transfers between account holders.

Is Neteller secure?

You can deposit and withdraw funds securely using your Neteller account. It is highly secure and utilizes the highest browser encryption available online. All of your information is stored behind a secure firewall ensuring sending and receiving money is completely secure.

Can I withdraw funds back to my Neteller account even though I haven't deposited from it before?

No. For security reasons, to withdraw winnings from a betting site to your Neteller account, you would need to deposit from the Neteller account first.

Why can’t I transfer funds from Neteller to bet365?

At time of writing, bet365 does not accept Neteller as payment method in the United Kingdom. This is believed to be due to issues with bonus abusers. The payment methods remains active in certain markets. The betting guide at allows you to check if Neteller is accepted at betting sites in your country.

Can Neteller be used at any online betting site?

Neteller can be used as a payment method at a large number of online bookmakers, but restrictions may apply depending on your location and also depending on the currency you wish to use. 

Which currencies does Neteller support?

Neteller is available in over 200 countries at time of writing and in the following 27 account currencies:
Australian Dollar - AUD
Brazilian Real - BRL
Bulgarian Lev - BGN
Canadian Dollar - CAD
Chinese Yuan - CNY
Colombian Peso - COP
Danish Krone - DKK
Euro - EUR
Great Britain Pound - GBP
Hungarian Forint - HUF
Indian Rupee - INR
Malaysian Ringgit - MYR
Mexican Peso - MXN
Moroccan Dirham – MAD
Nigerian Naira – NGN

What are the disadvantages of Neteller?

The main disadvantage of Neteller is their processing fee. They charge you money to withdraw and deposit money. 

A further disadvantage is if you deposit and withdraw in different countries as their internal exchange rate is not at all competitive.

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