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Betting Masterclass - How do professional punters profit from football correct score accumulators?

Last updated: 05 Mar 2020
Mat Marshall 05 Mar 2020
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Use singles, doubles and trebles to cover all the bases
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Guide to Football Correct Score Accumulator Betting - How to consistently make a profit

Correct Score betting is one of the most popular football betting markets. Predicting the exact outcome of a football match requires plenty of research, understanding and luck but when it comes off it can be extremely satisfying and profitable.

Our football correct score accumulator at Free Tips is very popular and we recently picked a handy 150/1 winner with Manchester City and PSG getting it done. Find out more about the odds and how to bet smart on correct scores in football and as always, bet rsponsibly. 


Football Correct Score Accumulator Odds

The odds on a correct score bet can range from anywhere between 5.00 (4/1) and 20.00 (19/1), with larger odds on offer for high scoring matches that will return even bigger profits.

The shortest odds in the correct score betting market are usually scores such as 1-0, 2-0 and 2-1. Bigger prices are on offer for correct scores such as 3-1, 3-2, 4-1 or 4-2. 

It’s a simple law of averages with many football matches decided by scores of 1-0, 2-0 and 2-1. The most common score in a draw is 1-1 followed by 0-0, 2-2, 3-3 etc.

Multiplying correct score bets into an accumulator can quickly see the total odds grow to over 100/1 depending on how many legs are included.

How can I consistently make money from football correct score accumulators?

Adding legs into any form of an accumulator multiplies the odds but reduces your chances of winning. Again, it’s simple mathematics as more legs means more chance of coming up short.

There is nothing more frustrating in football betting than correctly picking three out of four bets in an accumulator and losing your entire stake. Luck is always a part of football and bad luck can be a real heart breaker when using accumulators.

Depending on the odds for each leg, there are various ways to ensure you can still make a healthy profit even if one, two or more legs are unsuccessful. The way to make the most of your correct score accumulators is to focus on singles, doubles, trebles, trixies and patents.

How can I use singles and doubles in my football correct score accumulator?

It’s very easy. Let’s look at three English Premier League matches for an example on how to use singles, doubles and trebles. 

  • Bournemouth vs Manchester United: Correct Score 0-2 @ 10.00
  • Arsenal vs Liverpool: Correct Score 2-2 @ 10.00
  • Newcastle vs Watford: Correct Score 1-2 @ 10.00

Adding these three bets into a football correct score accumulator would combine for odds of 1000/1. That’s an extremely tasty profit, but what happens if Manchester United win 2-0, Arsenal and Liverpool draw 2-2 and Watford are winning 2-1 but Salomon Rondon scores in extra time to earn Newcastle a 2-2 draw?

What happens is your stake is lost, you are cursing your luck and you will never forgive Salomon Rondon! This is a great example because each leg is the same odds of 10.00, so let’s see how we could have turned some bad luck into a healthy profit.

Here is hoping Salomon Rondon never costs you winning a correct score accumulator (Getty Images)

The professional way to ensure a profit from a correct score accumulator is to use some of your bankroll on the singles and doubles markets. For instance, a $1 outlay on the treble or three legs in a parlay will bring home $1000 if all three legs are successful, but one or two unsuccessful results means your entire stake is lost.

$1 on each single leg and $1 on the three legs will mean that one successful leg brings home $10, two legs $20 and three legs $30 along with the handy $1000 from the successful correct score accumulator. So a $4 outlay means that one successful leg wins $6, two successful legs wins $14 and three successful legs wins $1026!

A good way to maximise your profit in a correct score accumulator is to use doubles. This is simply two legs together in one bet. For a good example of doubles let’s go back to our selections and call them A, B and C:

A) Bournemouth vs Manchester United: Correct Score 0-2 @ 10.00
B) Arsenal vs Liverpool: Correct Score 2-2 @ 10.00
C) Newcastle vs Watford: Correct Score 1-2 @ 10.00

With three legs there are always three possible doubles – A & B, A & C and B & C. Let’s break it down again and see what using doubles can do for our correct score accumulator. 

$1 on each double means that each successful double brings home $100. If the only bets placed are $1 on each double and $1 on the accumulator, two successful legs will win you $96 and three successful legs will bring home a whopping $1296!

Bookmakers including online sportsbooks make it easy for you to use doubles in an accumulator. Just select your individual legs, add them to your betslip and you will see options for doubles where you can select your stake.

What are trixies, patents and how can I use them in my football correct score accumulators?

A Trixie is an easy way to back doubles and the treble in one bet. You will often see (x4) next to the Trixie option which represents three doubles and one treble. Your stake will be the same for each double and the treble which may not be ideal depending on how many legs are in your correct score accumulator and what the odds are.

A Patent represents seven bets - three singles, three doubles and the treble. Once again, your stake will be the same for each bet. In the long run it is advisable to bet more on a single bet than doubles and trebles but it’s entirely up to you depending on how confident you are in the selections.

What if I want more than three legs in a football correct score accumulator?

If you are selecting four or more legs in an accumulator then the odds are going to be massive. It’s certainly possible to win big, with many punters scoring a huge profit from a small outlay including one Sky Bet punter winning over £65k with a stake of just £5 on an eight-fold football correct score accumulator.. 

However, we always advise betting smart and giving yourself the best chance of turning a profit on any bet you make. Once you start including four or more legs in an accumulator you will see betting options such as Yankee, Lucky 15, Canadian and Lucky 31. 

These are all combinations of singles, doubles, trebles, 4 folds etc that can be used to make sure you earn a healthy profit even if one, two or three legs are unsuccessful. Always do your research on these types of bets before placing your bets to see what works best depending on the individual odds.

Where can I place an accumulator with early cash-out?

bet365 allows users to place accumulators and cash-out early.  Uniquely among online betting firms bet365 allows its members to see the value of accumulator bets as events take place so you can choose whether to take a profit or let a bet run. Our advice is always to let a bet run as, invariably, the last legs are going to secure the largest gain.

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