Motor Sports Previews, Predictions & Betting Tips

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Motor Sports

Motor sport is a wide ranging term that is used to describe the group of competitive sporting events involving the use of motorised vehicles. The most common are four wheeled vehicles and two wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles.

There are two federations that govern motorsport competitions. Four or more wheeled motorsport is governed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) governing two-wheeled competitions.

Since motorised vehicles were invented people have wanted to race them to see which one is the fastest and/or most durable. After World War I European countries organised Grand Prix races on closed courses with dirt track racing becoming popular in the United States.

The Grand Prix circuit became more formally organised after World War II, with stock car racing and drag racing becoming established in the United States.

Formula racing

Formula racing refers to motor vehicles that have their wheels on the outside of the vehicle. The most common are Formula One, Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula Renault and Formula Palmer Audi. 

In North America the IndyCar series is the premier open-wheeled racing series. European open-wheeled series include GP2 and GP3 with former 'Formula' series including Formula 5000 and Formula Two.

Formula One

Formula One is the most popular form of single-seat, open-wheel grand prix closed course racing. F1 is organised by the Formula One Group with regulations and strict rules which govern vehicle power, weight and size.

Sports car racing

Sports car racing features sports cars and specialised racing types with the the premier race being the 24 Hours of Le Mans which takes place annually in France. 

Motorcycle racing

Motorcycle racing includes motorcycle road racing and off-road racing on circuits, open courses and track racing. The most popular include Motorcycle Grand Prix, Superbike racing, Supersport racing, Endurance racing, Sidecar racing, Motocross and Supercross.

Betting on Motor Sports

There are a few main way to bet on Motor Sports with the race winner being the easiest and most popular. Other markets include podium finish, top 5 and top 10. Here are some of the most common types of betting markets:

Race Winner: The easiest and most common motor sport bet to understand. Simply choose who is going to win the race.  

Poduim Finish: The top three get to celebrate on the podium with overflowing champagne and grid girls. This bet offers more security than the race winner bet at reduced odds.

Top 5: Select which driver or rider will finish in the top 5 of a Formula 1 or Moto GP race. This bet is good for outsiders who don't usually win a lot of races but consistently finish in the top five.

Top 10: Predict which driver or rider will finish in the top 10 of a Formula 1 or Moto GP race. This bet can offer great value in a market that is often overlooked with much of the focus on race winner.

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