Learn Sports Betting Terms

The world of sports and horse racing betting includes many terms that can be confusing. Betting terminology differs in regions such as United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

Free Tips have dissected all the key betting terms including some of the most common such as Against the Spread, Double Chance and Handicap. We have detailed descriptions for some of the obscure betting terms such as Chalk, Dutching Monkey and Wise Guy.

Learn how to use different Sports bets

Whether you are an experienced punter or if sports betting is new to you, be sure to know and understand all of the betting terms. This will ensure you can navigate the various sports and horse betting markets offered by bookmakers. 

There are a multitude of different sports bets for any particular match. What's the difference between a win bet and a handicap bet? Knowing all of the betting terms is essential in giving you the best chance of winning your bets, beating the bookmaker and building your bankroll.

Learn when to place different Sports bets

Placing outrightbets for tournament or competition winners requires skill, knowledge and patience. There is little doubt that bettors using the outright betting markets for competitions such as the FIFA World Cup can often see plenty of success.

Outright bets can be the most profitable in sports betting and shouldn't be overlooked, but outright betting is just one of a number of ways to bet on sports. 

To learn more about and understand all the other betting terms, click on the links below for a detailed description of all the major betting terms and betting terminology.






Betting Terms FAQ

What are betting terms?

Betting terms relate to specific terms used in betting and gambling. Betting terms often differ in regions such as United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

What are the main types of betting terms in racing?

The main types of betting terms in racing are win, place and each way.

What are the main types of betting terms in football?

The main types of betting terms in football are win, draw, over/under and BTTS.