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Betting on politics has seen a serious spike in popularity in recent years. The last few elections in the US and the UK have attracted a signifcant amount of attention from punters and it’s easy to see why. Politics has become more unpredictable than ever and as such, it presents eagle-eyed and knowledgeable punters with an excellent opportunity to win some serious cash.

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Political Betting 

In increasingly uncertain times, betting on politics has never been as popular as it is today. Whether it’s UK politics such as referendums and elections, or US politics including the American Presidential race, politics now presents punters with plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash. 

Bookies are now offering a wide range of diverse markets for their customers when it comes to politics. 

Our tips and previews take into account a number of different factors. Polls, history and recent developments are all major factors in political betting and we aim to offer our readers the most up to date and unbiased tips on the internet. 

We understand that finding reliable political betting tips is difficult. At Free Tips, we have no party alliances or any political agenda, we just want to offer our readers the best in political betting tips. 

We won’t just be offering our readers tips from the major political elections though. We know that there is often good money to be made betting on smaller events like by-elections. We will do our utmost to find the best value bets on offer in these markets for our readers. 

Politics Betting Odds 

Politcal betting odds can change at a moment’s notice. There are so many factors that can influence a political betting market that the odds can fluctuate very quickly.

At Free Tips, we aim to keep all of our readers up to date with all of the latest political betting odds from all of our trusted bookmakers

Politics Betting Markets 

There are loads of different types of political betting markets that punters can bet on. The following are the most popular: 

  • Prediction markets: These markets present punters with a simple yes or no question. For example, will X still be President of the United States after a certain date?

  • Politics specials: These types of markets often present punters with a variety of novelty bets based around the actions of a politician or a political party. 

  • Election outrights: These markets are perhaps the most common to bet on. They are when a punter bets on which party or candidate will be the overall winner of an election. 

  • Overall majority: When it comes to the US and the UK, it is important to know the difference between an election winner and the person or party who wins a majority. A majority vote in either country doesn’t guarantee that that person wins the election. In fact, it is quite common for someone to get the majority of the vote and not actually end up winning. 

Politics Free Bets 

Betting on politics has increased in popularity considerably in recent years and as such, bookmakers will now offer a wide range of promotional offers on their political betting markets. 

Free bets or matched bets are bets credited to a user’s account that effectively allow the punter to place a bet risk-free. As a rule, most bookmakers will not allow you to keep the stake of a free bet but you can make some serious money from the winnings. 

Politics Bookmakers Bonuses 

Bookmakers will regularly offer out bonuses for customers in order to encourage them to continue using their services. 

The most common types of bonuses are sign-up offers and free bets. Due to the increased popularity of politics in betting, more bookies are offering politics bonuses to their customers. 

Next Prime Minister/President Odds

The most popular markets for betting on politics are the next Prime Minister or President markets. These attract the most attention and often present punters with some excellent odds. 

The Presidential race in America has shown itself to be incredibly unpredictable in recent years and it offers punters with an excellent chance to make some cash. 

Betting on these markets early is always advantageous, as this is when the bookies are the most likely to undervalue a candidate. 

At Free Tips, our goal is to keep all of our readers up to speed with all of the latest and best value odds for both the next President and next Prime Minister markets. 

By Election Odds 

By elections are elections held in the UK to determine who will represent a specific constituency. These elections take place during a government’s term and tend to happy because a sitting MP has resigned or been forced to give up their seat. 

These elections, which do not take place at fixed intervals can often present punters with an excellent chance to make some extra money. 

More than anything else though, by-elections can often be very useful indicators for which way a political pendulum is swinging in a country. While one constituency may not represent an entire country, a catastrophic defeat for a major party could hint at major changes in a country’s political landscape. This can have a major effect on the odds of a general election. 

General Election Odds 

General elections are among the most popular markets for punters to bet on. General Elections take place at fixed intervals in most countries but it is not entirely uncommon for countries to call a general election during a term. This has happened several times in the UK so far this century and tends to happen when a party wants to gain more power in government. 

At Free Tips we have made it our aim to keep all of our readers informed of all of the latest changes when it comes to a general election. Our team provide free unbiased tips on general elections in all major countries from Europe and the rest of the world. 

Political Betting News 

We understand that finding reliable political betting news is extremely difficult. We know that a lot of news site will have a fixed political agenda and will never want to back certain candidates. 

Here at Free Tips, helping out customers win some money is our first priority so you can be sure that all of our political betting news will be totally unbiased. If we think a candidate is good value for money, then we are going to tell you about it. 

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