Under Betting Term Meaning

The betting term ‘under’ refers to one side of the over/under markets that are available across a range of different sports.

Over/under betting has become increasingly popular during the last decade. It is a flexible market in that the bettor doesn’t have to back a particular team or player in order to be successful with this bet. Each bookmaker has its own labeling system but generally, these bets are found under the totals tab. 

Football betting can have several ‘under’ markets. We have used the odds for an English Premier League football match to show some of the most common:

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United: Total GoalsOdds 
Under 0.5 9.50
Under 1.5 3.25
Under 2.5 1.76
Under 3.5 1.27
Under 4.5 1.09
Under 5.5 1.01

This market is for the total goals in the game. It doesn’t matter which side scores them. If you bet on under 0.5, you are betting the match will be 0-0, so it is always worth checking the correct score 0-0 price to see if they are the same. 

Total Team Goals: Wolverhampton WanderersOdds 
Under 0.5 2.55
Under 1.5 1.30
Under 2.5 1.05
Total Team Goals: Manchester United Odds 
Under 0.5 4.05
Under 1.5 1.71
Under 2.5 1.18

If you fancy one side to keep a clean sheet, you can bet on individual teams. For example, Manchester United have been strong in defence lately, so a wager on under 0.5 or under 1.5 Wolves team goals could pay out.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester United: CornersOdds 
Under 8 3.40
Under 9 2.50
Under 10 1.90
Under 11 1.54
Under 12 1.32

This is a fun market and one that can be very rewarding with the right research. Teams with speedy wide-men often help to create plenty of corners, as do sides that like to play a direct, route one style of football. If you find the right games under total corners is worth a punt.

Many other sports have under markets. In tennis betting, you can bet on over/under total number of games in a set or the whole match. Badminton has under markets for total number of points (combined) in a game. 

Rugby League, NFL, Australian rules, cricket, volleyball and basketball are a few other sports that have an array of under betting markets available.

Under Betting FAQ

What is under betting?

The betting term under refers to the under part of the over/under markets available in many different sports.

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