Anytime Goalscorer Betting Term Meaning

Anytime Goalscorer is a football-related betting market in which you place a wager on one of the players to score at any time during the match.

Most punters are already familiar with the popular First Goalscorer market and now a growing number of online bookmakers also offer the Anytime Goalscorer betting market on selected matches. 

There are numerous advantages to placing an Anytime Goalscorer bet. The main one is you can win at any point during the match. 

With the first goalscorer wager, if a goal is scored within the first few minutes, the bet is settled and you either won or lost, which slightly mutes the entertainment value of the match.

It also gives you a chance to win even if your player doesn’t start the match but comes on as a sub, although this can work against you (as we’ve explained below). 

The drawback of the Anytime Goalscorer bet in contrast to the First Goalscorer is that odds are lower - see table below.

Let's take a look at the anytime goalscorer and first goalscorer market at bet365 for the Manchester City vs Leicester City English Premier League match.

PlayerAnytime GoalscorerFirst Goalscorer
Sergio Aguero 1.61 3.80
Raheem Sterling 1.83 4.33
Gabriel Jesus 1.83 4.50
Leroy Sane 2.25 5.50
Riyad Mahrez 2.40 6.00
Jamie Vardy 3.10 8.00
Bernardo Silva 3.40 9.00
David Silva 3.50 9.50

Anytime Goalscorer Guidelines

Individual player markets within team sports can be risky if you place your bet before the team sheet is announced. These are a few important things you need to be aware of when considering the Anytime Goalscorer market:

  • Own goals do not count. If you back a player and he happens to score an own goal, he still needs to score one at the other end for your bet to win.
  • Void bets. If the player you’ve chosen doesn’t set foot on the pitch at all, the bet is void and your stake is returned.
  • Substitutes. This is a possible danger with this market - your player might start on the bench. If he comes on as a sub at any point, the bet is then active. This means, he could appear on 86 minutes and has only 4 minutes to score the goal you need for the bet to win.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Tips

Match stats are the key to getting the best value out of this betting market, but you need to know where to look. For instance, before the Manchester City vs Leicester City match, we had:

  • Sergio Aguero: 20 league goals so far this season
  • Jamie Vardy: 18 league goals so far this season
  • Raheem Sterling: 17 league goals so far this season

This metric is slightly misleading for this market, however, because some of these goals would have been scored in the same game. Here are more accurate figures:

  • Jamie Vardy: scored in 15 different league games this season
  • Sergio Aguero: scored in 14 different league games this season
  • Raheem Sterling: scored in 12 different league games this season

To continue you would look at the number of appearances, both starting and as a substitute), the defensive record of the opposition and each player’s personal tally against that club. This will highlight the best betting value for you.

Anytime Goalscorer FAQ

What is the Anytime Goalscorer betting market?

The Anytime Goalscorer betting market is a football-related betting market in which you place a wager on one a player to score at any time during the match.