Combination Tricast Betting Term Meaning

The betting term Combination Tricast relates to a specific bet that consists of a minimum of three selections. For the wager to win, your selections must finish first, second and third in any order.

A Combination Tricast is one of two tricast bets you can place; the other being a Straight Tricast. The difference between the two is that with a Straight Tricast you choose three selections only and they must finish in the exact order that you picked them: first, second and third. This wager only costs 1 betting unit.

The Combination Tricast, on the other hand, allows you to choose three or more selections, and as long as the selections finish first, second and third in any order, your bet is a winner. The number of selections you choose will determine the total cost of the bet.

  • 3 selections - 6 bets 
  • 4 selections = 24 bets
  • 5 selections = 60 bets
  • 6 selections = 120 bets

Placing a Combination Tricast bet with your online bookmaker is very straightforward. Go to the horse racing or greyhound racing event that you want to bet on and below the race card, you should see an option for Forecasts & Tricasts. 

As you are placing a combination, make your selections by clicking the ‘Any’ option. Below is an example with three selections highlighted.

Bet No.Selection (9 runners)PositionPositionPosition
1 Long Knight 1st 2nd Any    
2 Sadize 1st 2nd Any
3 Whirlwind 1st 2nd Any 
4 Short Hop 1st 2nd Any 
5 Fever Pitch 1st 2nd Any 
6 Sandy Beach 1st 2nd Any 
7 Bulldog Chest 1st 2nd Any
8 Wanderer 1st 2nd Any
9 Baton Pink 1st 2nd Any

This Combination Tricast will cost 6 betting units as there six Straight Tricast wagers being placed. They are:

First Second Third 
1 Whirlwind Fever Pitch Wanderer
2 Whirlwind Wanderer Fever Pitch
3 Fever Pitch Whirlwind Wanderer
4 Fever Pitch Wanderer Whirlwind
5 Wanderer Whirlwind Fever Pitch
6 Wanderer Fever Pitch Whirlwind

When you add this to your bet slip, no total odds are given because the payout will be different depending on which permutation is correct. You can check them on a individual basis, however, but this would be quite time consuming the more selections you add.

Why Place Combination Tricast Bets

Predicting a Straight Tricast bet is very difficult, especially in races that have a large field or when the betting is evenly matched. This is where the trade-off of a Combination Tricast can prove most valuable. It does cost more (in terms of betting units) but it gives you multiple chances of winning. 

There are certain races in which this bet is not always suited, for instance, if the selections each have (very) low odds. However, when the prices are favourable, or you have a good feeling on an outsider, risking the extra stake is often worth it.

Combination Tricast on other sports

Tricast betting is normally only associated with horse racing and greyhound racing but modern online bookies are nothing if not flexible. A relatively new feature that has popped up at certain sites is ‘Get A Price’ or ‘Build A Bet’. 

This allows you to use Twitter to send in a unique bet, so you could ask for a price for a Combination Tricast on the next Formula 1 race or the FIFA World Cup for example.

Combination Tricast FAQ

What is a Combination Tricast?

A Combination Tricast is a specific bet consisting of a minimum of three selections.