Number Spread Betting Term Meaning

Number spread is a US betting term which relates to a certain method of high-risk betting that doesn’t involve odds in the traditional sense that most punters are familiar with.

In the US, number spread betting is an alternative to the fixed odds or points spread betting. There are no set odds for these wagers, and your payout (or loss) is calculated in relation to how much the score/time is above or below the number spread.

This is an example from the NBA. The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing the Raptors. The total points market is set at:





With this form of betting, your stake amount is equal to 1 point. For this bet, we will place £10 on the under 200 market.

  • The match score is 89 - 100: a total of 189 points scored.

  • We win £10 x 11 (points) = £110.

  • The match score is 112 - 115: a total of 227 points scored

  • We lose £10 x 27 = £270

The payouts are calculated by multiplying your stake by the points in number spread betting, a small wager can yield a huge profit. Conversely, a small wager can lead to a huge loss. You also don't know the odds before you place your bet, so the only indicator you will have of the probability is your own knowledge of the competing teams.

There are many other number spread markets available. For football betting, you can wager on the time of a team’s first goal. In this instance, instead of your stake being multiplied by the number of points, it is multiplied by the time difference (in minutes). You can also bet on special markets such as the total number of corners and the collective time of the goals scored.

We don’t advise number spread betting for total beginners. Those who are interested in this high-risk, high-reward style of betting should possess a fair amount of prior knowledge because one wrong bet could be devastating to your bankroll.

Number Spread Betting In The UK

It’s worth noting that in the UK (and Australia) number spread betting is known as points spread betting. This can be confusing, but at this present time, points spread is not that popular, particularly in the UK. If someone is referring to points spread betting, chances are they are talking about the American style, which is known as handicap betting in the UK and Australia.