Clean Sheet Betting Term Meaning

The term ‘clean sheet’ refers to a specific betting market in which punters wager on whether a team will concede a goal or not.

The simplicity of the clean sheet bet has made it a popular choice amongst bettors in recent years. While this betting market is primarily associated with football matches, it is also possible to find clean sheet markets in field hockey and ice hockey. Depending on the terminology used by the operator, they can be called ‘shutouts’ in ice hockey.

When betting on clean sheets, the options are ‘Yes’ this team will keep a clean sheet or ‘No’ this team will not keep a clean sheet. The odds are determined by the teams playing. For example, are they from the same division or is it a cup match? Also, the goals for and goals against statistics play a vital role in helping punters find top value clean sheet bets to place.

In general, you get shorter odds on the ‘no’ bet as goals are commonplace in football matches. Below, we have analysed the clean sheet market odds from three games. Please note, these prices were taken from bet365, other bookmakers may vary.

Match 1

UEFA Champions LeagueYes
Juventus2.00 1.72
Atletico Madrid 4.33 1.20

This is the second leg of their round of 16 match in the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League. Atletico Madrid won the first leg 2 - 0 at home which means Juventus (now playing at home) have to attack to overturn the deficit. For this reason, bet365 is offering low odds on ‘No’ (Atletico will not keep a clean sheet). Some punters may see value in the 4.33 being offered on the ‘Yes’ bet if they believe Atletico will come to defend their lead and not worry about attacking too much.

Match 2

English Championship
Bristol City 1.901.80

Ipswich are currently rock-bottom of the English Championship. They have conceded 60 goals in 36 league games so far this season, 36 of those have been away from home and haven’t won in their last nine games. This form reflects the odds. 

The bookmaker feels it is unlikely Ipswich can keep a clean sheet, so you can only get 1.14 on the ‘No’ bet. Bristol are in a comfortable 8th position in the table, but they have lost their last three home matches. This indicates they are conceding goals. Potential value in the 1.80 being offered if a punter thinks Ipswich can snatch a goal.

Match 3

English Premier League

This match is far more balanced. Burnley have only scored 18 goals at home and Leicester only have 19 on the road this season. The signals point to this being a tight encounter and that shows in the betting.

Pre-betting research can pay dividends in this market. Factors such as recent form, goals for and against at home and away need to be analysed. Additionally, it is useful to know the line ups as well. If a star striker is injured, potentially a team might struggle to score. Alternatively, a side with a defensive linchpin returning could help to improve the chances of that team keeping a clean sheet. 

Short odds clean sheets betting is ideal for punters who like to place treble or accumulator bets. This lowers your overall stake while boosting your returns on a winning ticket. For instance:

  • Leicester vs Fulham - Fulham clean sheet ‘no’ @1.12
  • Southampton vs Spurs - Southampton clean sheet ‘no’ @1.16
  • Man City vs Watford - Man City clean sheet ‘yes’ @1.80
The total odds of this bet would be @2.33 and a £10 stake would return £23.62.