First Goalscorer Betting Term Meaning

The first goalscorer is among the most popular betting markets offered by both online and land-based bookmakers. While they are easy to understand and have the potential to be very lucrative, there are a few important rules the punter needs to keep in mind before placing their bets.

First goalscorer bets refer to a specific betting market in which you place a wager on the player who you think will score first during a match. The most common sport with these markets is football, but they can be found in field and ice hockey betting, too.

Attackers tend to have the lowest odds as they are the players that generally score the bulk of the goals. Most bookies will also throw in ‘no goalscorer’ which is effectively betting on a 0-0 scoreline, although you can still win this bet if the only goal of a game is an own goal.

This is an example of the first goalscorer betting market for the UEFA 2020 European Championship qualifier between Montenegro and England. Prices courtesy of 

Kane (E) 3.00Wilson (E) 4.00 Alli (E) 5.00
Sterling (E) 5.00Sancho (E) 6.00Hudson-Odoi (E) 6.00
Ward-Prowse (E)8.00No Goalscorer8.00Ross Barkley (E)10.00
Beqiraj (M)10.00Mugosa (M)10.00Djordjevic (M)10.00
Maguire (E)12.00Ivanic (M)18.00Jankovic (M)18.00
Boljevic (M)18.00Bakic (M)20.00Rice (E)20.00

Rules Regarding First Goalscorer Bets

With this being a player related betting market, there are certain factors to consider. For instance, what happens if you’ve backed the first goalscorer only to find out he’s sitting on the bench when the teams are announced? This is why it is important to know the betting rules for these wagers:

  • Own goals will not affect any first goalscorer bets. The first goalscorer bet rolls over to the second goal in this instance. If the only goal, or goals, of a game are own goals, the no goalscorer bet is the winner.

  • If you’ve backed a player to score first and he doesn’t play at all your stake will be refunded in full.

  • The same applies to players who make an appearance after the first goal has been scored. For example, you’ve backed Harry Kane but he comes on after 65 minutes when Spurs are 3-0 up. In this instance, your bet will be void and your stake refunded.

  • If Harry Kane were to come on when the score was 0-0 and fail to score your bet would stand and you would lose.

First Goalscorer and Correct Score Combinations

Many of the larger bookmakers including bet365 offer combination bets on the first goalscorer and correct score. These are a single-bet double and if you get them correct, the payouts can really lift your bankroll.

  • Tammy Abraham to score first is 5.00
  • Tammy Abraham to score first and Chelsea to win 2-1 is 110.00

First Goalscorer Betting Tips

There are certain things that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re searching for a first goalscorer bet:

  1. Value - Bookmakers are rather knowledgeable which is exactly the reason why you won’t get great odds for Eden Hazard, Mo Salah, or Sergio Aguero scoring first in most games. However, attacking midfielders or goalscoring centre backs can often add value to the market.

  1. Results and Statistics - Check out who’s in good form and who isn’t before you place your bets. It would be extremely disappointing to back a player and then find out he’s gone 12 games without a goal.

  1. Injuries and Suspensions - Injuries or suspensions often pave the way for tactical changes for a football match. For example, the speedy left-back might get moved into midfield if the star winger is injured. The odds of him scoring a goal will be much higher as a result of this position change.

First Goalscorer FAQ

What is First Goalscorer betting?

The first goalscorer betting market refers to the first player from either team to score the first goal in the match.