Grand Salami Betting Term Meaning

The betting term Grand Salami refers to a unique over/under totals bet on US ice hockey or baseball matches. It combines all of the games on a particular night together to produce one over/under bet instead of individual bets on separate matches.

While many bettors outside of America may not have heard of a Grand Salami, it is nowadays a very common bet Stateside for both NHL and MLB fans. 

Many bettors like to wager on the total runs/goals in a game because it is a neutral bet where you don’t have to choose one team or the other to win. 

The Grand Salami takes that one step further by grouping all of the games being played in one evening to make a giant under/over total runs/goals betting market. Here is an example to illustrate it:

Match Over Under 
Nationals vs Mets 7.5 @ 1.86 7.5 @ 1.95
Rockies vs Pirates 8.5 @ 1.90 8.5 @ 1.90
Yankees vs Orioles 9.0 @ 1.83 9.0 @ 2.00
Marlins vs Tigers 8.5 @ 1.95 8.5 @ 1.86
Braves vs Giants  7.5 @ 1.91 7.5 @ 1.90
White vs Astros 9.0 @ 1.90 9.0 @ 1.91

The O/U total for the six matches is (7.5 + 8.5 + 9 + 8.5 + 7.5 + 9) fifty (50), so the bookmaker may set the Grand Salami total at 50.5 for this batch of games.

Weather conditions, team line-ups and changes in pitchers are all factors that could change this total. With that said, the collective total will rarely be more than -/+2 different from what the sum of the individual totals.

Grand Salami Betting Strategy

The fundamentals of Grand Salami betting is not so much if one team or the other will win, but whether or not the game will be a tight low-scoring affair or a high-scoring encounter. You must view the game from a collective of both teams. 

If there is plenty of offensive power in the line-ups, there’s a good chance that a glut of runs/goals will be scored. If you’re unfamiliar with O/U total betting, you can always begin by tackling a few individual matches first before moving onto the Grand Salami.

Ice Hockey Grand Salami

The goaltenders are the main focus to pay attention to when going for a hockey Grand Salami. If news reports suggest that several second-string goalies will be between the posts, then the over total bet will be most appealing. 

Other areas to research are injuries and illnesses. Are any key players missing from the ice? 

You must also factor in rest days and how far one team has had to travel. Tired players naturally don’t perform at their peak and this will have an effect on the scoreline.

Baseball Grand Salami

The starting pitchers are obviously the first thing you want to know before betting on a baseball Grand Salami. An evening full of top pitchers will generally keep the totals respectably low.

That said, the batters are also very important and if the team is running hot, they will come out swinging. Checking the runs given away by boys in the bullpen is also advised, in addition to the weather and dimensions of the ballpark. 

For instance, if it’s a bit windy it could stop the ball from carrying for a homer which will reduce the scoring.

Postponed Games

The standard rule is that if a game is postponed the Grand Salami will be canceled, resulting in a pushed bet. This means your money will be returned to your betting account. 

It’s still advised to check the terms and conditions prior to betting though, to ensure this is the case with your chosen bookmaker.

Grand Salami FAQ

What is a Grand Salami?

A Grand Salami is a betting term that refers to an over/under totals bet on US ice hockey or baseball matches.