Reverse Forecast Betting Term Meaning

A Reverse Forecast refers to a bet that involves predicting the first and second place finishers in a race, in any order.

Reverse Forecast bets are commonly placed on horse racing or greyhound racing. From the race card, you pick two selections that you think will finish first and second. This wager costs two betting units because it is essentially the same as placing two individual straight forecast bets.

It depends on which online bookmaker you bet with as to the exact method of placing a Reverse Forecast bet. Usually, there is an ‘Any’ box that you can click, as shown below. All you need to do is click/tap on the two selections you want. For our example, we have chosen Eddie’s Dinner and Digi Bite.

Bet No.Selection (7 runners)PositionPositionPosition
1 Eddie’s Dinner 1st 2nd Any
2 Franklyn 1st 2nd Any
3 Bay Dream 1st 2nd Any 
4 Digi Bite 1st 2nd Any 
5 Brown Valley 1st 2nd Any 
6 Bagus  1st 2nd Any 
7 Ink Pencil 1st 2nd Any

It’s important to note that no odds appear when you add a Reverse Forecast wager to your bet slip. This is because it is two bets you are betting on, so the payout will depend on which permutation is the correct one:

1. Eddie’s Dinner
1. Digi Bite
2. Digi Bite 2. Eddie’s Dinner

If you stake £10 per bet, the total cost to place the bet is £20. 

Why Place Reverse Forecast Bets?

Forecast bets are popular due to the higher odds you receive compared to a single bet. They are especially useful when there is no value in backing the favourite because of very low odds. 

However, when the favourite is added as part of a Forecast bet, it helps to create better value. The ‘Reverse’ option can be thought of as a form of insurance. On races that you cannot decide between two horses as to which you think will win, a Reverse Forecast covers this doubt.

Reverse Forecast on other sports

You generally only see the Reverse Forecast bet option offered on horse racing and greyhound racing, but it is possible to bet on the first and second place in a wide variety of other sports, competitions, leagues and events. Among them are:

  • Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • Tennis Tournaments
  • Football & Rugby World Cup
  • London Marathon
  • Snooker Tournaments
  • Football Leagues

For this, you need to pick an online bookmaker that allows punters to send in a tweet using a special hashtag with their Reverse Forecast bet. The bookmaker’s traders will price the wager up and deliver a price on it for you.

Reverse Forecast FAQ

What is a Reverse Forecast?

A Reverse Forecast is a bet that involves predicting the first and second place finishers in a race in any order.