Patent Betting Term Meaning

A Patent is a familiar betting term with most seasoned punters. It is a full-cover combination bet consisting of three selections totaling seven individual bets.

This three-selection wager is made up of three single bets, three double bets, and one treble bet. It is basically a Trixie bet with each selection also added as a single, making seven individual bets in total instead of four like the Trixie. 

This is a very popular bet with horse racing punters but it can be used on any sport and market you desire.

How to place a Patent bet

To make a Patent bet is very simple. The first action is to select three wagers that you would like to bet on. For our example, we have chosen three match-result markets from the English Championship.

Bet No.SelectionOdds
1 Bristol Win vs Ipswich 1.50
2 Sheffield Utd W vs Brentford 1.86
3 Reading Win vs Leeds 4.60

Once your selections are added to your bet slip, select ‘Patent’ from the system bets or combinations option. This may vary slightly depending on what website you’re using. Your Patent bet will then be created as shown below. The numbers in the combinations relate to the Bet No. above.

Bet TypeCombinations 
Singles (3 bets) 1, 2, 3
Doubles (3 bets) 1x2, 1x3, 2x3
Treble (1 bet) 1x2x3 

With this being a seven-wager bet, your total stake is 7x the amount you want to bet per selection. For the purpose of this guide, we will stake £1 per selection which means a total stake of £7

Calculating a Patent bet payout

As with all combination bets, the payout is dependent on the number of winning bets and the odds of the winning selections. You only need one selection to be correct to get a return but this will not guarantee a profit unless the winning bet is 7.10 or above. 

If only one bet wins, this is the payout you would get:

  • Bet No.1: £1 x 1.50 = £1.50
  • Bet No.2: £1 x 1.86 = £1.86
  • Bet No.3: £1 x 4.60 = £4.60

With a total stake of £7, we wouldn’t make a profit on any of these selections with just a single winner.

If two bets win, this is the payout from the doubles:

  • 1-2: £1 x 1.50 x 1.86 = £2.79 (+ two single bets £3.36) = £6.15
  • 1-3: £1 x 1.50 x 4.60 = £6.90 (+ two single bets £6.10) = £13.00
  • 2-3: £1 x 1.86 x 4.60 = £8.56 (+ two single bets £5.46) = £14.02

This is an improvement but still, with the two lowest-priced selections, we would not be in profit. The opposite end shows we have doubled our money with bets No. 2 and 3 winning.

If all three selections win, you get paid for the three singles and three doubles plus the treble:

  • 1-2-3: £1 x 1.50 x 1.86 x 4.60 = 12.83
  • Total return: £39.04 - £7.00 = £32.04 profit 

Why place a Patent bet?

A Patent is the perfect blend between placing single bets and an accumulator (treble). With the treble, you need all the selections to win, so it carries a lot of risk on every game or race. 

Betting in singles is safer but slow to build your bankroll. The Patent is in the middle. A couple of winners will generally return a profit (although as highlighted this depends on the odds).

Patent Bet FAQ

What is a Patent bet?

A Patent is a full-cover combination bet consisting of three selections totaling seven individual bets.