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GamCare is the UK’s leading provider of advice, information and support for those affected by problem gambling. Virtually all of the UK’s top sports betting websites bear the GamCare logo at the footer of their pages, but what is it?

GamCare is a registered charity, founded in the UK in 1997, to help people affected by problem gambling. It offers a wide variety of services, not just for problem gamblers themselves, but also for the people who are impacted by gambling in their family or friend group. 

GamCare operates the National Gambling Helpline, as well as providing online resources and a partner network with free face-to-face help throughout Scotland, England, and Wales.

GamCare also has a range of training options for people who work in the gambling industry. These materials and programmes provide vital insight into recognising problem gamblers and their behaviour patterns, as well as giving advice on how to handle those players in a way which will lead to a positive outcome. 

GamCare hopes that these training systems will help improve player protection and social responsibility amongst the gambling community.

The Safer Gambling Standard

GamCare is responsible for the Safer Gambling Standard, which is the quality standard for social responsibility among licenced gambling operators. 

This set of best practice standards was extracted from GamCare’s 20 years of experience working with people affected by problem gambling, as well as the gambling industry itself. GamCare was also able to draw on its service user input and a wealth of academic evidence from research into responsible gambling practices.

Any licenced gambling operator can apply to GamCare for accreditation, and if successful can display the Safer Gambling Standard logo. Before the Safer Gambling Standard was launched in December 2018, GamCare offered the GamCare Certification. 

If an operator has this accreditation it will still stand until the current certification period expires, whereby they must apply for the updated Safer Gambling Standard accreditation.


GamCare provides an outreach programme for young people called BigDeal. It offers interactive workshops, videos, blogs, quizzes, and testimonials, with resources for parents, teachers, and youth workers. If you’d like to help support GamCare, you can find out more information on the website below.

GamCare FAQ

What is GamCare?

GamCare is the UK’s leading provider of advice, information and support for those affected by problem gambling.