Multiples Betting Term Meaning

A multiple of something refers to more than one which is exactly what the betting term multiples means. Find out the different types of multiple bets you can place and how the payout is calculated.

A ‘multiple’ wager is defined as a linked series of to-win single bets. In this series, the return from the first bet is automatically staked on the second and so on, until either all the bets have won, paying out a profitable return, or until one bet loses, in which case the entire wager is lost.

Types of Multiples

There are three main types of multiple bets, but as you will see, the potential number of multiples which can be staked is infinite although the bookmaker will usually have a cap on the number it will accept.


A double is a wager placed on two separate selections, both of which must win to see a return.


A treble is a wager placed on three separate selections. As above, all three must win to see a return.


An accumulator can be a double or a treble with the payout calculated by the same method of multiplying the prices together. For the purposes of this page, we have listed accumulators as bets containing four or more selections because this is the format most top sportsbooks follow.

An accumulator with four selections is known as a four-fold accumulator, five selections is a five-fold and so on. These bets also need all selections to be correct for you to get a return. 

How Are Multiple Bets Calculated?

To see how the winnings from multiple bets are worked out, we’ll need to pick out some selections. Let’s go with these NBA games:

Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the Indiana Pacers 2.05
Orlando Magic to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 1.28
Sacramento Kings to beat the Boston Celtics 3.50
Utah Jazz to beat the Minnesota Timberwolves  1.28

A £10 double on Oklahoma and Indiana to win:
  • 2.05 x 1.28 = 2.624 x £10 = £26.24

A £10 treble on Oklahoma, Indiana, and Sacramento to win:
  • 2.05 x 1.28 x 3.50 = 9.184 x £10 = £91.84

A £10 four-fold accumulator on Oklahoma, Indiana, Sacramento, and Utah to win:
  • 2.05 x 1.28 x 3.50 x 1.28 = 11.75 x £10 = £117.55

The pattern continues, as each selection is included, its odds are multiplied with the others. This is why multiple betting is so popular. It allows punters to win big from small stakes. 

When you consider bet365 will accept multiple bets up to 20 folds, you can imagine the size of the payout if you get lucky and they all win. 

Multiples Bet FAQ

What are multiples in betting?

A multiple in betting refers to more than one selection in the same wager. They are also called accumulators, accas, multibets and parlays.

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