Win Betting Term Meaning

Win is probably the simplest betting term to understand but it doesn’t apply to every market. Continue reading to find out the difference.

Beginners to the world of betting may assume that a ‘win’ simply means a winning bet. After all, you would simply say, ‘My bet won.’ or ‘I had a few winners, today.’

The exact meaning of win as a betting term refers to particular markets and the selections within. For example, both teams to score is a popular football market. The bookmaker will promote this as a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ choice. So, it doesn’t fall into the category of a ‘to win’ bet.

Win Betting in Racing

Horse racing and greyhound racing are among the best definitions to use when thinking about the to win betting market. Every race will have a win market and place market, which is part of an each-way bet. If you make a ‘win’ bet, your horse or greyhound has to come first for you to see a return. Any other position and the bet loses.

Win Betting in Sports

Other forms of racing follow this same pattern. Therefore, Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E, athletics (on the track), marathons, trotting and so on all use the win and place betting options. You will find several other bets available, by these two are still the most popular markets.

Depending on the bookmaker, US sports including basketball, NFL and Major League Baseball also have ‘win’. This is because over-time is played when required to avoid the tie. So, instead of a three-way match result match, on certain sites you only get two options, either Team A to win or Team B to win.

Outright Win Betting 

In addition to racing and US-based sports, outright winner markets have the ‘to win’ bet available. This can be for tournaments such as The Open Championship (golf), the FIFA World Cup, the World Series of baseball and Wimbledon. This is an example of the Outright market for Men’s Wimbledon 2019:

Men’s Singles Outright 2019To Win Odds
Novak Djokovic 2.50
Roger Federer 4.33
Rafael Nadal 6.500
Alexander Zverev 15.00
Stefanos Tsitispas 15.00
Juan Martin Del Potro 17.00

There are other outright bets such a winner of the 2019/2020 English Premier League, Rugby Super League and Cricket’s IPL which use a league format but you can still bet on the eventual winner.

Win Betting FAQ

What is win betting?

Win betting is simply betting on something to win. It could be a horse in a horse race, a team to win a football match or a tennis player to win a tennis match.

What are outright win bets?

Outright win bets are bets for the winners of tournaments or events such as tennis tournaments, golf tournaments or football competitions.