IBAS Betting Term Meaning

IBAS is an abbreviation for the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. 

IBAS is one of the leading Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, specialising in disputes between licenced gambling operators and their customers. It covers sectors such a sports betting, bingo, casinos, lotteries, and poker, and has been the official dispute resolution service of the Gambling Commission of Great Britain since 2015.

From its launch in 1998 up until the end of 2016, IBAS received 53,886 requests to adjudicate on disputes between licenced operators and their customers. As a result of those cases, £4,708,523.00 has been either awarded or conceded to consumers.

IBAS has a team of staff and adjudicators that examine the case for each individual request. Adjudicators will be independent experts, usually sport or betting journalists. 

They look at things like the nature of the bet or game that’s relating to the dispute, the rules or terms of the transaction, and also the protocol used to settle similar disputes.

Licenced gambling operators can pay a yearly sum to register with IBAS. Due to this funding, the dispute resolution service is free of charge to the consumer. 

When registered with IBAS, gambling operators must agree to the terms and conditions of the ADR service and agree to act in accordance with IBAS rulings. Operators who are registered will usually display the IBAS logo in their footer menu.

What IBAS Does and Does Not Cover

IBAS will accept a claim about any bet, game, or other gambling transaction, however, the client must have made every reasonable effort to resolve the dispute before you proceed to make a claim.

After receiving a claim, IBAS will determine whether or not the transaction has been handled in accordance with the rules, and whether or not those rules are fair. The adjudicators will then decide whether the customer is entitled to any payment, and how much that payment might be.

IBAS does not currently consider:

  • Any disputes relating to customer service.
  • Claims of match-fixing or other forms cheating, including games which operate unfairly. These claims should be forwarded to the appropriate regulatory authority, such as the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Claims by customers saying that they have been allowed to gamble excessively, or claims that people under 18 have been allowed to gamble. These and other social responsibility violations should also be sent to the appropriate regulatory authority.
  • Claims relating to bets that were never processed or refused. Betting licence conditions allow bookmakers to refuse a bet. However, an allegation relating to a previously accepted bet that was later cancelled unfairly would warrant a valid claim.

For more information please visit the IBAS website.


What is IBAS?

IBAS is an abbreviation for the Independent Betting Adjudication Service.

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