Half time result Betting Term Meaning

The match result market is football’s most popular bet, and now many online bookmakers offer a half-time result market. What’s the difference? Which is better? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The half-time result market is exactly as the name suggests. It’s identical to match result apart from this bet is settled at the halfway point of the match. You have three options when you’re betting on the half-time result: 

  • Home win
  • Draw
  • Away win 

Another difference between full-time match result and its half-time counterpart are the odds given by the bookmaker. As you are only betting on 45 minutes (plus additional time) instead of the full 90 minutes for football matches, the prices of the possible outcomes change accordingly.

This is an example of the betting for these two markets using the English Premier League fixture between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur.

MarketHalf-time ResultFull-time Result
Liverpool 2.20 1.61
Draw 2.37 3.80
Tottenham 5.00 5.50

The biggest price difference is on the draw. This is not surprising as statistically more goals are scored in the second half, so there is a greater chance of the scores being level at the half-time whistle.

Again, we are not shocked that the odds on Liverpool heading into the break have shot up, but Tottenham’s odds are lower. This indicates that bet365 feels Spurs have a better chance of leading at half-time than they do winning the match outright.

As a punter, you will be looking for value. If you fancy Liverpool, who are playing at home, then the 2.20 price is far more enticing than the 1.61. 

Half-time Handicap Results

Half-time handicap results are also incredibly popular with punters. They’re most effective during games when superior teams are taking on weaker opposition. A handicap effectively means that one of the teams is getting a head start. 

This is usually the weaker team as you’ll get much better odds for the favourite to start a goal behind. Here’s an example of a half-time handicap result for England vs the Czech Republic.

  • England (-1) @4.33
  • Draw @2.75
  • Czech Republic (+1) @1.90

In order for the England (-1) half-time handicap bet to win, they’d need to lead by two clear goals when the half-time whistle is blown. As you can see from the odds, there’s potential value in the Czech Republic (+1) half-time handicap result.

What to consider for Half-time Result Bets

Here are some things to consider when you’re betting on half-time result markets:

Statistics - Is the team you’re betting on renowned for scoring early goals/tries/points? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’ll find value in this market. However, if they tend to sit back in the first half you might want to refrain from betting on the half time result.

Value - Is it really worth betting on a team to be leading at half time? As you saw in our example above, the odds for Tottenham to win during 90 minutes were actually higher. The only way this could backfire is if Spurs are leading at half time and Liverpool make a second-half comeback.

Other sports - While we have used football in our examples, half-time result betting markets are also offered on rugby union, rugby league, basketball and sometimes American football. Due to the intensity and physical nature of rugby, it provides an interesting proposition for half-time result bettors. 

When teams are fresh, the tackles are harder and matches are more competitive. It is once a side tires that mistakes creep in and tries are scored more frequently.

Half time result betting FAQ

What is half time result betting?

Half-time result betting is identical to match result but the bet is settled at the half time in the match.

What are the markets for half time betting?

The main markets for half time betting are home win, draw and away win.