Edge Betting Term Meaning

Edge is a common word in sports and betting circles. While its root meaning is the same throughout, that is to signify an advantage, it has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. 

The phrase ‘to have the edge on someone’ gained popularity in the 1800s, but may have been in use earlier than that. The original meaning of the term was to have the edge of your dagger or sword on someone, meaning that they were at your mercy, and you had an advantage over them.

Experienced bettors will search for any piece of information that will give them an edge on the bookies. For example, if a key player was nursing an injury, it may very well affect his performance on the field, and this, in turn, could change the outcome of the game. 

A punter could receive inside information about this injury, but if it wasn’t common knowledge and the bookmakers didn’t know about it, the punter would have a serious edge over them. 

In all likelihood, the bookmakers would circle the match if they found out about the injury, but if they didn’t, the punter could bet on the other team (or bet against the odds using an exchange) and get a very good return. 

The term edge can also be applied to players and teams. In a football match, you could have a very fast right-winger playing against a slow left-back, so you would say the winger has an edge over the defender. The same applies when thinking about an entire team. 

If a few key players have returned to the squad, you might say now that Liverpool are at full-strength, they have the edge over Manchester United. 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to gain a betting edge is to shop around for the best odds. You might find that bet365 has the odds of 1.36 and 1.57 for a double bet you want to place whereas another operator may be offering 1.45 and 1.65 for the same two selections. 

This may not seem like a great difference, but it could be enough to put the edge in your favour over the long-term. Bonuses and promotions can also play a vital role in providing punters with a betting edge. If a sportsbook is offering free bonus bets to new customers, this is an edge in the punter’s favour.

Edge FAQ

What is Edge in betting?

Edge in betting is used to signify an advantage, eg "I have some information that gives me an edge on the bookies."