Round Robin Betting Term Meaning

A Round Robin is a three-selection wager made up of 10 bets: three doubles, one treble, and three up-and-down ‘single stakes about’ (SSA) pairs.

This combination bet is similar to a Patent bet, except that the three single bets of the Patent are replaced with three up-and-down SSA bets. We’re going to use an example from Italian Serie A football for our sample Round Robin bet.

  1. Bologna to win vs Cagliari

  2. Parma to win vs Genoa

  3. Sampdoria to win vs Atalanta

How to place a Round Robin bet

Your Round Robin bet will be calculated automatically by the betting platform, so it doesn’t matter what order you add your selections in. Once they’re on your bet slip, click the system bets option (sometimes marked as combination bets) and choose Round Robin.

This will form your Round Robin bet like so:

  • Bet 1: Double - Bologna and Parma to win

  • Bet 2: Double - Bologna and Sampdoria to win

  • Bet 3: Double - Sampdoria and Parma to win

  • Bet 4: Treble - Bologna, Sampdoria, and Parma to win

  • Bet 5: Up SSA - Bologna and Parma to win

  • Bet 6: Down SSA - Parma and Bologna to win

  • Bet 7: Up SSA - Sampdoria and Parma to win

  • Bet 8: Down SSA - Parma and Sampdoria to win

  • Bet 9: Up SSA - Bologna and Sampdoria to win

  • Bet 10: Down SSA - Sampdoria and Bologna to win

With the 10 bets altogether, your total stake will be 10x your ‘per bet’ wager.

Calculating a Round Robin payout

With the nature of the up-and-down SSA bets in the Round Robin, working out your winnings can become very complicated. There are plenty of online calculators that will do this for you. They will also allow you to change the variables, such as the odds and outcomes, to see how they would affect your payout.

To calculate the expected returns from our example, we need the odds for our three selections:

  1. Bologna to beat Cagliari at 1.90

  2. Parma to beat Genoa 3.00

  3. Sampdoria to beat Atalanta 3.50

If these three selections are all correct (winners), that would give us a total return of £70.40 from a £1 per bet (£10 total) stake.

Why place a Round Robin bet

Round Robin bets can generate some big payouts; the example above would give us £60.40 profit from a £10 stake. This is mostly due to the nature of the up-and-down SSA bets, but that also means that the profit drops considerably should one of the selections lose. In our example, if Parma were to lose, our profit would drop to £8.85.

The plus side of this is that you’ll see a return if any one of the selections is correct. If only Sampdoria were to win from our example, you’d still receive a £5 payout.