Money Line Betting Term Meaning

The Money Line is an American betting term. It refers to a bet on the match result/outcome market. There are no handicaps or point spreads involved; it’s just a straight-up match-winner wager.

The United States has several different terms (compared to Europe and the UK) when it comes to sports betting. The Money Line bet is one such example. 

In many ways, it is the original bet and even today, when punters have so much choice, the Money Line is still the most popular wager available. 

The bookmaker prices up his Money Line markets without adding any spread on the margin of victory. Let’s have a look at some examples as seen on bet365:

MatchMoney Line
New York Mets vs  2.30
Philadelphia Phillies 1.67
Kansas City Royals vs  2.90
Cleveland Indians 1.40
Texas Rangers vs  1.72
Detroit Tigers 2.20
Washington Nationals vs  1.44
Miami Marlins 2.85

It is a straight up, ‘which team will win’ battle. Money Line bets are popular among all five major US sports: football, basketball, baseball, NFL and ice hockey. 

The advantage of the Money Line wager is that the punter can easily calculate the bookmaker’s implied probability (this is the chance of winning; expressed as a percentage). From there, bettors can compare this figure with their own research to find good betting value in the market.

Money Line betting can be more profitable than normal spread betting if you sense an underdog will pull-off a straight victory. For instance, if the Kansas City Royals win, you get $29.00 returned from a $10.00 stake.

A similar bet to the Money Line in baseball is the Run Line. This has a fixed 1.5 spread. As the favourite is always starting with a -1.5 handicap, it brings the odds closer to evens for both teams, but there is still some value if you know your MLB. 

We’ve included the same fixtures with both the Money Line and Run Line odds for your comparison. 

MatchMoney LineRun Line
New York Mets vs  2.30 +1.5   1.72
Philadelphia Phillies 1.67 -1.5    2.20
Kansas City Royals vs  2.90 +1.5   2.00
Cleveland Indians 1.40 -1.5    1.83
Texas Rangers vs  1.72 -1.5   2.15
Detroit Tigers 2.20 +1.5    1.75
Washington Nationals vs  1.44 -1.5   1.80
Miami Marlins 2.85 +1.5    2.05

Money Line FAQ

What is Money Line in betting?

Money Line is an American betting term that refers to a bet on the match result.

What are other names for the Money Line betting market?

Another name for the Money Line betting market are Full Time Result.