Correct Score Betting Term Meaning

Correct Score is one of the easiest betting terms to understand. These bets are extremely popular as they can have long odds which gives bettors the chance to bank big wins.

To win a correct score bet you must accurately predict the final score of the match you are betting on. There is no margin for error, it has to be exact. For this reason, it is possible to find good value correct score odds at most bookmakers.

Bookmakers offer correct score markets on a range of sports. However, football matches are the most favoured by punters. Most betting platforms provide a list of all the possible correct score options such a 0 - 0, 1 - 0, 0 - 1, 1 - 1, 2 - 1 and so on with the odds for each bet listed, too. Generally, there is also an ‘Any other score’ market as well. This covers freak results where a team scores seven or eight times.

Before considering betting on this market, we suggest you have some background knowledge of the teams that are facing each other. For instance, it’s much more likely that an English Premier League game between Arsenal and Man Utd will produce fewer goals than a game between Arsenal and Swindon Town.

Furthermore, the bolder your prediction, the higher your odds will be; as you can see from our sample taken from the Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Manchester United on Betfair:

Manchester United

Correct Scores in Other Sports

There are correct score markets available on several other sports including ice hockey, tennis, snooker, baseball, badminton and esports to name a few.

Tennis - There are two correct score markets in a tennis match. You can choose between the number of sets or the number of games in each set. An example of set betting would be Rafa Nadal to beat Roger Federer 3-1 whereas an example of a set game score would be Federer to win the 1st set 6-4.

Ice Hockey - Correct score betting in the NHL is almost identical to betting on a football match. The only thing you need to be aware of is the ‘Any Other’ market. Only use this option when you don’t fancy any of the scores the operator has listed. Obviously, if the final score happens to be one of the markets originally listed your bet will lose.

It is rare that a bookmaker will offer correct score markets on sports such as basketball due to the high-scoring outcome of these matchups. Many larger operators, including bet365, now offer correct score betting at half-time for football matches or at the end of the first and second periods in ice hockey. This provides punters with even more betting options to consider when searching for those value bets.

Multiple Correct Score Bets

Bettors wanting to win large sums of money with small stakes from correct score betting can build a treble or four-fold accumulator. With the long odds involved in these markets, the returns are amazing:

  1. Southampton 0-1 Tottenham @ 8.50
  2. Manchester City 2-1 Watford @ 12.00
  3. Chelsea 3-1 Wolverhampton @ 15.00
Total odds @1530.00. A £5 bet on this treble would return £7,650.