Combination Forecast Betting Term Meaning

A Combination Forecast is a bet, usually placed on horse racing or greyhound racing, in which you pick a minimum of three selections. To receive a payout, two of your selections must finish first and second in any order.

There are three distinct types of forecast bets offered by bookmakers. In addition to the Combination Forecast, the other two are:

  • A Straight Forecast: this involves picking two selections; one which you predict will finish first and the other which you predict will finish second. The order of your selections has to be correct.
  • A Reverse Forecast: this bet also involves choosing two selections, but they can finish first and second in any order. The total cost of this wager is two betting units because it is essentially two straight forecast bets you are placing.

With a Combination Forecast, you choose three or more selections so your chances of winning are far better; however, the downside side is that the total stake is bigger. 

To place a Combination Forecast bet online, simply look for the forecast betting card (usually this is below the main race card), and make your selections by using the ‘Any’ option. 

In the example below, we have picked: Ponzi’s Dream, Sharp Shooter and Lucky Strike.

Bet No.Selection (8 runners)PositionPosition2Position3
1 Ponzi’s Dream 1st 2nd Any    
2 Erkel 1st 2nd Any
3 May to June 1st 2nd Any 
4 Sharp Shooter 1st 2nd Any 
5 Cream Heels 1st 2nd Any 
6 Lucky Strike 1st 2nd Any 
7 Milton’s Nose 1st 2nd Any
8 Tytler 1st 2nd Any

With 3 selections, that means 6 bets are being placed. We would win if one of the following combinations were correct:

  • 1. Ponzi’s Dream 2. Sharp Shooter
  • 1. Ponzi’s Dream 2. Lucky Strike
  • 1. Sharp Shooter 2. Ponzi’s Dream
  • 1. Sharp Shooter 2. Lucky Strike
  • 1. Lucky Strike 2. Ponzi’s Dream
  • 1. Lucky Strike 2. Sharp Shooter

The more selections you add, the more bet combinations you create:

  • 4 selections = 12 bets
  • 5 selections = 20 bets
  • 6 selections = 30 bets

Why Place Combination Forecast Bets?

Combination Forecast bets are not suited to every race, but when used wisely, they can be a less risky alternative to the other two forecast betting options. 

If you have a large field, for example, the Grand National has 40 runners, a bet like this holds strong value plus you get good odds on the majority of the runners which covers the bigger outlay on the stake. Races with small fields and heavy favourites will not yield the same returns.

Combination Forecast on other sports

A growing number of online bookmakers offer a feature where the punter can use Twitter and send in a unique bet and it will be priced up. This allows for Combination Forecast bets to be placed on other events outside of horse and greyhound racing. For instance, most outright markets will have a first and second place finishing order.

Combination Forecast FAQ

What is a Combination Forecast?

A Combination Forecast is a bet normally placed in racing with a minimum of three selections.

What are other forecast bets offered by bookmakers

In addition to the Combination Forecast the other two are Straight Forecast and Reverse Forecast.