Half time bet Betting Term Meaning

A ‘half-time bet’ is a wager that is placed during the half-time interval of a match. With the growth of live in-play betting at online bookmakers, the half-time bet option is now a popular choice among many experienced punters.

This is one of the easiest betting terms to understand. The reason for that is because you’re simply waiting until half-time before placing your bet. This can be advantageous to the bettor for a number of reasons. 

For instance, you are interested in betting on the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Pre-match, the game is too close to call. Either side has a chance of winning, both teams can score goals, but then there are occasions in which derby matches are tight, scrappy affairs.

This is where entering the betting markets at half-time can pay dividends. You can assess from the first-half action which side is on top, which players are performing well, or having an off-day, and even how the referee is controlling the game. 

Another benefit is that the odds will often be considerably different than those offered before the match. 

Arsenal could be leading 1-0, so the price on a draw or Tottenham win would be higher. There are many variables to consider, but if you’re a savvy punter, you can find plenty of opportunities to boost your betting bankroll by placing half-time bets.

Examples of A Half-time Bet

The leading online bookmakers such as bet365, Paddy Power, Betfair and Ladbrokes all have a multitude of markets when you’re searching for a half time bet. Here are some of the most popular ones you’ll come across:

Match Result

You’ll be betting on the team you think will win. This is particularly useful in games that are level at half time as you’ll receive enhanced odds. It’s also possible to find value in the market when a team’s losing. 

For instance, if Man City are trailing Newcastle at half time there’s a good chance they’ll come back and win, or at the very least, secure a draw.

Over/Under Goals

Odds for total goals tend to increase dramatically the longer a game goes on. If West Ham and Brighton are drawing 0-0 at half-time you will find better value in the ‘over 0.5 goals market’ than what was offered pre-match. 

You may see a few goal-less fixtures, so you could build a small accumulator to improve your odds while keeping the stakes fairly small.


A player to score ‘anytime’ is another extremely popular half-time bet. However, it’s important to consider their performance in the first-half before you wager any of your hard-earned cash. 

If he’s playing poorly or on a yellow card will the manager haul him off 15 minutes into the second-half? Try to stick with the players and teams that have a reputation for scoring goals late in matches.

Half-time Bets in Other Sports

Half-time bets will be the same across most sports. For example, instead of betting on the next goalscorer, you’ll bet on the next point scorer or try scorer for the given sport. 

The sports, other than football, which are most popular for half-time bets include rugby union, Australian rules, handball, basketball and American football.

Half Time Bet FAQ

What is a half time bet?

A half time bet is a wager that is placed during half-time of a match.