Trixie Betting Term Meaning

In the wide world of betting, a ‘Trixie’ is defined as a wager made up of four bets: three doubles and a treble that are placed on three selections. Because a Trixie bet doesn’t contain any single bets, a minimum of two selections must win for the punter to collect any winnings.

How to place a Trixie bet

Here’s an example of a win-only Trixie bet using selections from the English Premier League.

Firstly, you must pick your three-bet selections. Let’s go with the following English Premier League matches:

  • Arsenal to win vs Southampton

  • Manchester United to win vs Liverpool

  • Everton to win vs Chelsea

Select the ‘Trixie’ option on your bet slip. This may be found under ‘System Bets’ or ‘Combinations’ depending on the software being used.

The Trixie will be formed as follows:

  • Bet 1: Double - Arsenal and Manchester Unitedd to win

  • Bet 2: Double - Manchester United and Everton to win

  • Bet 3: Double - Arsenal and Everton to win

  • Bet 4: Treble - Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle to win

If you stake £1 per bet, your total stake is £4.

Calculating a Trixie bet payout

The payout from your Trixie bet depends on the odds for each market plus how many of your selections win and which ones they are. Based on our example, this is how your winnings would be calculated.

The odds for your selections are:

  • Arsenal to beat Southampton at 1.50

  • MManchester United to beat Liverpool at 2.50

  • Everton to beat Chelsea at 5.00

This provides the following possible permutations:

  • Bet 1: Double - Arsenal and Manchester United win (1.5 x 2.5) = 3.75

  • Bet 2: Double - Manchester United and Everton win (2.5 x 5.0) = 12.5

  • Bet 3: Double - Arsenal and Newcastle win (1.5 x 5.0) = 7.5

  • Bet 4: Treble - Arsenal, Manchester United, and Newcastle win (1.5 x 2.5 x 5.0) = 18.75

If all three selections are correct, you win all four bets. That is a total of £42.50 from a £1 per bet (£4 total) stake.

Why place a trixie bet?

Because a Trixie bet covers three selections in four different ways, it can be thought of as insurance for the treble bet accumulator. For instance, if Manchester United lost to Liverpool, you would still collect a £7.50 payout from Bet 3 if Arsenal and Everton won their games.

There is slight trade-off involved. You do have to invest more of your bankroll to cover the double bets, which highlights the importance of picking the right bets at the best odds to maximise your returns on each winning combination.

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