Double Result Betting Term Meaning

If you’ve never heard of the betting term ‘double result’, it probably means you are not from the United States. It refers to a specific betting market in which you can place a bet on the result at half-time and full-time. UK punters who like to bet on football know this market simply as HT/FT or Half-time/Full-time.

The nature of this market means that it is restricted to sports that involve two halves or four quarters, so you can’t get double result markets in tennis, snooker or darts for example. Stateside, it’s a popular American football market, but in the UK and Europe, the double result bet is set up perfectly for soccer (football by its rightful name). 

As the punter has to make two predictions, the odds offered in this market are better than a standard match result (1X2) bet, so more and more bettors are reviewing it in search of the extra value.

This is an example of the betting odds offered by bet365 on the English Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle United. Arsenal are strong favourites for this game. A £10 wager on them to win would return £13.90, a profit of £3.90.

Match Result
Arsenal vs Newcastle 1.39 5.00 8.00

There is no denying that punters get better odds in the HT/FT market (shown below) but this is to be expected as the risk is basically double in that both halves of the prediction need to align. This market is great for second-half comebacks, which often happen but picking the matches is notoriously difficult.


Arsenal/Draw16.75Newcastle/Draw 19.00Draw/Arsenal3.95
Arsenal/Newcastle 43.00Newcastle/Arsenal21.00Draw/Newcastle13.00

To offer a little more insight, SportPesa also has betting for first-half match result markets.

First-half Match Result
Arsenal vs Newcastle1.832.556.10

This market shows there is little value in backing Arsenal/Arsenal in the HT/FT market at 1.86 because you can back first-half only at 1.83. There is no incentive to take the risk of being correct at full time as the difference is only 0.03 (3p per pound wagered).

Double Result FAQ

What is a Double Result?

A double result is a specific betting market used mainly in the United States that refers to betting on the result at half-time and full-time.

What are other names for double result betting market?

Other names for the double result betting market is HT/FT and Half-time/Full-time.