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Handicapper is another term that has a totally different meaning for sports and betting. In a sporting sense, more specifically horse racing, a handicapper is the person who decides on the weight handicaps for horses in a handicap race. 

The betting term handicapper refers to someone who uses handicap betting to their advantage. This page will explain how that works, as well as how you can do it, too.

A handicapper is someone who tends to place wagers on the handicap betting markets as opposed to any other. 

Let’s take a look at an example featuring Tottenham vs Brighton in the English Premier League. These were the odds at bet365 in the full time result market.

Match Result MarketHomeDrawAway
Tottenham vs Brighton 1.30 3.05 9.50

Let's compare the odds in the handicap market.

Tottenham +1.0 goal (+1) 1.04 (-1) 21.00 11.00
Tottenham +2.0 goals (+2) 1.01 (-2) 51.00 23.00
Tottenham -1.0 goal (-1) 1.90 (+1) 3.40 3.40
Tottenham -2.0 goals (-2) 3.50 (+2) 1.72 3.75

The Tottenham -1 at 1.90, which is almost even money, seems like a good bet. That means Tottenham will still win after 1 goal has been deduced from their total. Eg They have to win by two clear goals; 2-0, 3-1, etc. With odds of 1.9, a £20 bet would return £18.00 profit. 

A savvy handicapper knows not to take things at first glance, however. While 1.90 is still decent odds, some research could reveal a better value bet. Handicappers will thoroughly check the current form of both teams, as well as their previous form when playing against each other, to look for patterns which will help identify how they will play on the day.

The statistics sections of the big online bookmakers a key tool, as many of them will allow you to compare head-to-head stats for the two teams. While each handicapper will have his/her own methods of harvesting and researching data, a common trait all of them share is their attention to detail.

In the match above, the handicapper may discover Brighton perform better defensively with a certain pair of centre backs or Tottenham’s Harry Kane scores more goals when Dele Alli is also playing. 

After gathering all of the available information, the handicapper will then make an informed bet on the match - and the top people in this niche are right more often than they are wrong.

Handicapper FAQ

What is a Handicapper?

A handicapper is term that describes the person who decides on the weight handicaps for horses in a handicap race. A handicapper can also refer to someone who uses handicap betting to their advantage.

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