Ante Post Betting Term - What is Ante Post Betting?

The betting term Ante Post refers to bets that are placed at least a day prior to the event taking place. While its origins come from horse race betting, with the exact meaning being a bet placed before the horse ‘goes to post’, Ante Post betting can apply to all sports. 

Many bookmakers these days label their Ante Post markets as ‘Futures’. There are several common sporting Ante Post markets open at the majority of online bookmakers. 

These include FA Cup Winner, The Ashes Winner and The Ryder Cup Winner. You can also bet Ante Post on many domestic football leagues throughout Europe with markets opening one or two weeks in advance in most cases.

Betting Ante Post has positives and negatives which you need to be aware of before considering these type of bets. Let us run through the main points.

The Positives of Ante Post Betting

The main attraction of betting Ante Post is that you often get better odds. For instance, if you wanted to have a punt on the next FIFA World Cup. Ante Post markets already open include winner and the top goalscorer (Golden Boot). Usually, the prices are more generous now compared to on the eve of the tournament starting.

This also opens up opportunities on a sports betting exchange where you can back and lay the same selection. You can back at a high Ante Post price, and later lay the bet at lower odds to secure a profit.

Another positive of Ante Post betting is you have more time to do proper research. You can use this to your advantage by considering all of the variables.

The Negatives of Ante Post Betting

The disadvantage of Ante Post betting is that it carries a higher risk your bet will lose. In horse racing, if your Ante Post selection is a non-runner, your bet is not void - it simply loses. The bookmaker keeps your stake. 

The same applies if you were to bet on Jordan Speith winning the Open Championship and he pulls out after the first round due to injury. The Ante Post wager is gone.

Clearly betting Ante Post has its benefits and obvious pitfalls. As a punter, the decision you must make relates to the value being offered. Take advantage of odds comparison tools to search out the best prices. 

Every fraction adds up in sports betting and it can mean the difference between a bankroll in profit and one that is only breaking even.

Why do people place Ante Post bets?

There is often excellent value in betting ante post. On the day of a horse race, you might find that a runner is a 15/1 shot but ante post bettors got the same runner at 30/1 by backing in advance.

When it comes to football betting, many punters like to bet on which team will win the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League or FIFA World Cup well in advance. 

At the beginning of a football season or international tournament, you can often find great value on teams that have room to improve.

Is Ante Post betting risky?

Ante Post betting can be risky especially in horse racing betting. If you back a horse on the day of the race and it’s declared a non-runner, you will get your money back. 

If you have back a horse well in advance of race day and the horse is withdrawn, there is a chance your bet will be lost without the horse running. Always read the terms and conditions for each bookmaker for what happens to ante post bets in those circumstances.

By betting ante post, you accept the risks involved with this type of bet. The same applies if you back a player to be top goalscorer in the Premier League and the player sustains a long-term injury or is sold to another club in a different divison.

What are the most popular Ante Post bets?

Many football bet on Ante Post betting markets before a season starts. Typical Premier League ante post markets include Outright Winner, Top Goalscorer, Top Four and Relegation. 

Many people also like to bet on the winner of the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship well in advance. There are also options to back a team to reach the semifinals, reach the final or get knocked out in the group stage.

Ante Post betting FAQ

What is Ante Post betting?

Ante Post betting refers to bets that are placed at least a day prior to an event, competition or tournament taking place. The term Ante Post has origins in horse racing.

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