Singles Betting Term Meaning

Singles are a type of bet that cover just one selection from one market. They are the simplest method of betting and by far the most popular.

‘Singles’ or single bets refer to bettors placing a wager on a single event only. As only one selection is involved to receive a profitable return, they can less risk than doubles, trebles and accumulators. This is an example of a single bet complete with the stake and return amounts.

Super Bowl LIV Outright WinnerOdds
New England Patriots 8.00
Stake: £20
Return: £160

For this bet to be successful, the New England Patriots must win Super Bowl LIV. If they don’t win, the single bet is lost which would result in a £20 loss. A win for the Pats would yield a good return of £160, a profit of £140.

Each way single bets are another popular option open to punters, but these are only available on markets that have a number of entrants such as a horse or greyhound race, or outright winner markets. For instance, you place a £5 each way bet on the Patriots to win the Super Bowl that pays 1-2 places at ½ the odds. This means you have a £5 win bet and a £5 place bet. The possible outcomes would be:

New England don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Both bets have lost. £10 loss.

New England reach the Super Bowl but lose. Win the place bet (£5 x 4.0 = £20 return). Lose the win bet (£5 loss)

New England win the Super Bowl: Win the win bet (£5 x 8.0 = £40 return). Win the place bet (£5 x 4.0 = £20 return). A total return of £60.

Advantages of Placing Single Bets

There are plenty of good reasons why millions of single bets are placed each year. For instance:

Higher Win Rate - probability suggests that if you placed 10 singles and 10 multiples, more singles would win than multiples. This is simply because there’s a far greater chance of one market letting your multiple down, hence the larger odds. Single bets can yield decent returns if you do your research properly. Of course, a certain element of luck is also required.

Betting Strategies - You can implement betting strategies such as ‘Dutching’ when you’re placing single bets. It is vital, however, that you do plenty of research and have a thorough understanding of how each strategy works before using it.

Disadvantages of Placing Single Bets

There is, of course, a certain degree of risk involved when you’re placing singles. Here’s what you should be aware of:

Lower Odds and Higher Stakes - Single bets will usually have much lower odds than multiple bets. Therefore, you’ll probably need to place a bigger wager if you want to see a decent return. For instance, a £10 bet on a single at @2.00 would return £20. Whereas a £1 bet on a 5-team accumulator @20.00 would return the same amount.

Singles Bet FAQ

What is a Singles Bet?

A singles bet is a bet type that covers only one selection.

What are the advantages of Single Bets?

The advantages of single bets are higher win rate and betting strategies such as dutching and hedging.

What are the disadvantages of Single Bets?
Disadvantages of Placing Single Bets

The disadvantages of single bets are lower odds and higher stakes.

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